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Staff Testimonials 

Samuel Christian

My name is Samuel Christian. I was adopted in 1997 from an Romanian Orphanage. Growing up I struggled with connecting with my family. 
Being a child with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) has been the single most challenging thing of my life. My parents have read books about it, attended seminars about it, talked to other parents who were walking it, but none of that could have prepared them for the reality of it. Because they were not prepared even though they had all the head knowledge, it’s hard to write about this knowing that no matter how hard my parents tried, they will not be able to fully convey what living this journey is like. I was sent to a boys home because my parents no longer knew what to do to help me. At the time I remember thinking that I won. I was able to suceed in my parents turning against me and hating me. 
While at the home, I tried to play the RADs card with everyone I came in contact with. For eight months I fought with the staff, the counselors and everyone in the home that would try and connect with me and help me. 
I remember this one staff sat me down and looked at me in the eyes and said,
"Sam, fight all you want. I will still love you no matter what you do. We are not kicking you out of this home. You will stay with us til u turn 18 if that is what it takes. God did not create you with RADS....so quit claiming it in your life and claim victory over this!! Are you tired of feeling lonely and unwanted and unloved? Then let God heal you. Experience his freedom!!"
I kept hoping that they too would give up on me but after hearing these words from him, I remember bawling my eyes out. We ended up praying and talking for hours. It was then that I began my journey of claiming victory. 
Today, I have a real relationship with my family. 
I also have  worked at a several  youth ranches and have helped  kids who like me struggled with hurts in their life. I love waking up in the morning and bringing hope and healing in the lives of these kids. I love working alongside the parents and see them begin to have hope in their child again.