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General Information:


  • Is the facility licensed?

No. Our Program is under the leadership of Lakeside Christian Church...In the state of Montana, programs have the option of being licensed or under the ministry  of a church incorporated in the state. https://lakesidechurchmt.com/


  • What is the average stay?

Boys typically stay with us for 12 to 18 months.


  • Is there aftercare?

           No. However,We like to stay in contact with the Family to make sure that the child is doing well and progressing.


  • What is their success rate?

           The success rate is dependent on how committed your son is to changing and receiving help from the staff involved with him during his stay


  • What are the average age and how many students are in the school?

            We accept boys ages 7 to 12 years of age. We enroll about 8 students at a time




  • Is the academics accredited? Through what organization?

 Yes, we utilize Christian Academy of America’s fully accredited program


  • Will their transcripts be accepted at their local school?



  • Are the teachers credentialed? What is their experience?

No. In Montana, teachers do not need credentials. However, we have had training in teaching the curriculum that the boys use.


  • Do they offer special education and or work with IEP’s? (Individual Education Plan)

Because we are smaller than most schools, we can work with your son in a one on one setting if he is not able to cope well in a normal school environment.

Medical and Therapy:

  • Is therapy offered and is it included in the tuition?

The boys participate in weekly group meetings and Bi weekly they have the opportunity to meet with our credentialed counselor. If your son is needing more counseling than what is offered at the school, we can set him up to see a psychiatrist (which is not covered in our tuition. )

There will be a $50 transportation fee.


  • If not, what is the fee and will my insurance cover it?

Insurance should cover any additional counseling needed


  • Where is the nearest hospital to the facility?

We have an emergency room about five miles from the school.




  • Will they keep a child that doesn’t want to attend?

 We do work with boys that do not want to be here. However, we are not setup to take runaways at this time. If your son should run away during his placement, termination may be considered


  • Do they accept children that are escorted?



  • Do they accept teens that are extremely aggressive?



  • Do they accept Court Appointed teens or teens with criminal records?

This  on a case by case basis


      Financial and Legal:

  • What is the tuition? What does it include?

 Mountain Academy’s tuition is $2000 a month. There is also a one time $90 Placement test fee and a one time $850 curriculum fee.

  • Do they offer educational loans?

Prosper Healthcare Lending offers families tuition loans. You can also check with your local credit union. For a credit card fee, parents can also pay via credit cards


  • Do they offer scholarships?

            At this time, no


  • What is the termination policy? If you decide to remove your child prior the completion of the contract, are there penalties?

  Termination from the program may be for the following:

             Running Away

             Sexual Assault

             Self Harm

             Harming the staff or the other students

             Not willing to participate in the program

             Termination from program is upon the discretion of the staff

             Parents may remove their child from the program as long as they let the management team know three months prior to termination date. Otherwise parents are responsible a $2500 termination fee.


  • Is there a discount if you pre-pay tuition in full?

Yes. Please call our admissions specialist for discount details!


  • Do they offer transportation to the airports? What is the fee for this?

 Yes. Transportation fee is $50.



Safety Measures:

  • Is the facility staff secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


  • What is the staff-to-student ratio?

 One  staff to every four boys

Visits to the School and Communication:

  • Can you visit the school prior your child’s enrollment?



  • Will I be able to speak with my child? How often?

Your son will have weekly 30 minute phone calls


  • When can you expect your first visit after your child is enrolled?

 We ask families to wait three months for their first visit


  • How often can I visit my child?

 After three months, families are allowed to visit every other month as long as the student is making the progress that he needs to be making.


  • Are there required visits for parents?



  • Will you be allowed to take your child off campus?


Again, please give us a call – we can help you find answers to these questions and more.