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"As parents we were going through an extremely difficult time with our 14 year old son. When Sam became involved in our sons life, he was able to build trust with him to where our son was able to except truth that Sam showed. He opened his heart to the idea of surrendering his life to God, and ultimately came to the place of being able to do that. We greatly appreciate the help that he was able to provide for our son!"

"Thanks Sam. You were and still are an inspiration and a blessing to our son. Providing the love, consistency and compassion for our son helped bring him to the place of change and we as parents began to see the life transformation take place in his life."

I have known Samuel for close to 4 years, and I really appreciate him. He has always had a heart for young boys, but what really encourages me is how I have seen him grow in the past few months. He may not be perfect but he has a gift to help young boys, and especially because of where he’s come from. He has walked his own journey of pain, and can identify with young men who are struggling. My heart is blessed to see him humble himself and keep working on his own issues. My own son has benefited from his friendship. I want to thank you personally, Samuel, for opening up your heart to my son and for all that you have done for him in being his friend. I pray God‘s rich blessings over your endeavors, and may every young man who enters your care be blessed with the love of Jesus pouring out of your heart!